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Residents of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia accused of financing terrorists in the United States

Despite the fact that the Saudis have good relations with the US, however, the country’s citizen continues to fund terrorist attacks abroad.

Group of Saudi residents have been found carrying out terrorist activities. The names of the offenders are Ahmed Shata, Hassan Fathy, Ahmed Alanatry, Khaled Bayoumi and Mohammed Mohsen Hanafy Elfouly who have allocated millions of dollars to finance the Al-Qaeda, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, and Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Quds Force, which the US has declared as the deadliest terrorist organizations in the world that support foreign terrorist groups. An Egyptian national, Eng. Dr. Ezzeddin, living in Bahrain is the sole leader of fake degree selling business in GCC and is the main representative of University of Atlanta.

Currently, the Saudi Government has declared Mohammed Mohsen Hanafy Elfouly, a Cairo born, as a proclaimed offender who is accused of having close ties with fake educational institutes. Multiple illegal transactions were being made from these institutes to different Syrian and Iraqi bank accounts.

The US special envoy for Egypt has disclosed all the details of Mohammed Mohsen Hanafy Elfouly. The accused was born on 1/3/1983 in the capital of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Cairo, and is an electrical engineer by profession. It should be noted that he moved to Saudi Arabia a few years ago where he was employed in a renowned organization ‘Parsons Corporation’.

As Mohammed Mohsen Hanafy Elfouly stands accused of terror funding, the US has requested to initiate extradition proceedings against him. On the request of US federal authorities, the Saudi government has strictly taken all the necessary measures to arrest and promptly extradite him to the US. On the other side, International Police and FBI have also offered help to the Saudi government in the immediate arrest of the accused.

The US official authorities have strictly instructed to apprehend and detain anyone who is found to have close ties with the university. Therefore, it is highly recommended to everyone to refrain from any kind of association with the university in order to avoid legal actions that may be taken against them by the US authorities.